Pad work for personal trainers (10am to 1pm)

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Rakesh offers this bespoke course as CPD for personal trainers. Specifically tailored to those looking to incorporate or further enhance pad based exercises and drills into their personal training sessions/program cards.

  • Date: 26/01/2019 10:00 AM
  • Location: St. Christopher School, Barrington Road. SG6 2JZ (Map)
  • More Info: Old Gymnasium by Cricket Pitch


This hugely empowering course will cover:

  • Safety training aspects from both client and personal trainer perspective
  • Basic fundamentals in feeding AND striking the focus pads (good practice, footwork & basic punches)
  • Basic combinations and drills
  • How to progress drills from basic to intermediate
  • Cool down activity and recap

Further courses include the use of thai pads and kick shields for more advanced drills.