Fridays at 7.30pm to 8.30pm in Letchworth. FREE first class! Term time only. For children (from age 11) and adults! The ULTIMATE boxing based fitness class! Booking essential. NEXT intake from 26th APRIL, 2019

  • Category: Fitness
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Address: St. Christopher School, Barrington Rd. Letchworth. SG6 3JZ (Map)
  • More Info: Old Gymnasium overlooking the cricket pitch. Access Barrington Rd via Baldock Rd.



NEXT intake from APRIL, 2019

Y-Box blends techniques from boxing & Karate and applies them on partner held focus pads - all to the latest tunes. Y-Box is a great way to focus the mind and expend energy. All contact is made with gloves on focus pads and not directly on others.

Class Structure

  • Warm up and dynamic stretch
  • Skills and techniques e.g. punches, body evasion & footwork
  • Progressively applying skills in pairs on the focus pads. One person "feeds" the focus pads enabling the other to strike them in various combinations
  • Cool down activity and recap

There are two coaches at Y-Box, one male and one female. Both hold DBS Enhanced Certificates, are insured and Safeguarding trained.

Schedule and Fees
Payment is made per term in advance at £7 per session - includes member insurance cover. 

Y-Box provides FREE use of club equipment. However it's recommended that every participant purchases their own gloves and pads available at discounted prices through the club.