When considering the many diverse challenges, tasks and issues we face, a robust but flexible framework can help us navigate a path and facilitate a thought process to help us take decisive action. Following on from my previous posts on awareness (and it being awesome) and the need to have control of our space, ultimately the action will be in the form of a response. I like to ensure it is an informed response.

I try to bear in mind the following considerations when contemplating the best course of action to an issue or challenge:

I be introspective and address those questions that are niggling in my
mind. I consider questions that I think others will ask.

I consider the barriers I face preventing me from taking a particular
course of action. I challenge them and check-in if they really are barriers –
perhaps I have put up those barriers through self-doubt?

I consider how significant in the grand scheme the issue is that requires
action. I try to prioritise accordingly and focus on urgent and important
issues next.

I ask: has the issue been faced before? Rather than reinventing the wheel, I do
some research and consult with others before spending effort in unnecessary
groundwork. I seek to build on what has been done previously.

I consider also the downstream effects of my action. There may be
valuable opportunities to explore and/or risks to mitigate – it’s worth some

Lastly, I feel empowered and just do it!

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