I’m sure I speak for most, when I say that I’m faced with challenges from all angles, of varying sizes and complexity. My world can seem chaotic and overwhelming at times. The tendency is to react to challenges and tasks as quickly as possible in an attempt to get them off the radar.

My go to ritual now is to first focus on what I know about the issue - my awareness. Think ahead before consciously responding - and be comfortable with taking stock. If my awareness is in check, I have more confidence and a better sense of my actions. Before jumping in – where possible, I ‘check in’ and ask myself some key questions:

How healthy is my attitude towards the issue?
Do I have all the necessary facts?
Am I stuck in the customary way of thinking?
What’s the actual expectation here? How important is this?
What’s the deadline – how much can I glean in the time I have?

This allows me to prioritise and expend my energy effectively and efficiently and learn along the way.

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