Referring back to a previous post (Awareness is awesome!) I try and really make sure my awareness is in check before moving on and responding.

I can have a healthy understanding of the issue but may simply lack the time to complete the action. Given the time, sometimes I lack motivation and I work less productively elsewhere.

So, now what?

For me, it’s about controlling my space. Space encompasses time and more: my environment, habits, motivation, and attitude towards my routine. What space do I need to my best work? When controlling my space I try to consider the following elements: 

  • Create space in my mind and focus in.
  • Mentally switch gears and actively engage in my response.
  • What sort of atmosphere am I working in, is it tense? I’d prefer energised!
  • Take break from other distractions
  • Make a change in my routine to help me engage and move on.

If it feels right, I know my response will be my best given the situation – I’ll probably not get it right first time, but that’s okay, I’ll learn for next time.

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