Given the complex and ever changing world around us, we encounter many diverse challenges, tasks and issues. We all have our own way of taking action. However, with many moving parts added to mix we find ourselves in different modes at the same time - I can be gathering my thoughts and gleaning insight for many issues, whilst actively taking action on others, and of course be reflecting back on previous responses - this can all be rather overwhelming! I therefore really try to focus on moving on once I've taken decisive action and essentially 'escape' from the challenge at hand and dedicate my energy toward where it is most needed. To help me move on, I try to bear in mind the following considerations:

I simply remove myself from facing the issue and acknowledge the progress I've made so far - I've responded already!

I remind myself that I'm in control and value the refuge that escaping to a safe head space brings.

I try and leave the issues behind (for now) and re-energise.

The importance of reflection - I just let it happen. This aids the moving on process as it's where learning in discerned.


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